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Don't trust atoms, they make up everything.

AliveLab are the wonderful folk behind the world-wide phenomenon Mardles - stickers that come to life with their free app. They're the driving force that builds licensing deals with the likes of Shaun The Sheep! In a little over a year, AliveLab and the Mardles brand have taken the world by storm on 5 continents.

It's chemistry

Ok, AliveLab don't work in the sciences, but they are a tech company, and they got in touch with us and asked if we'd be interested in designing a brand for them; something minimal, instantly recognisable and would sit as the parent to their baby "Mardles". Their brand also had to have a simple visual element that would serve as their App Icon.

With clean typography and a Erlenmeyer Flask icon, merged with a three-tone bright colour palette, we were able to produce a fresh, recognisable brand that would appeal to corporate businesses.

We have an outstanding custom website, video demo, and full branding package. We're extremely impressed with the level of attention to detail.

James Murden / Director / AliveLab

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