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Film production with personality

As A Button are a Cambridgeshire-based video production company who have been part of our family since 2014. They consistently deliver high quality video for their clients including Cambridge University and The Royal Veterinary College.

Delivering raw aesthetics

When they approached us for a new website, we immediately penned the tagline "film production with personality". As A Button have always been a little informal and fun, and that had to translate across to their web presence.

Using their colour palette as a basis for the whole site, we created a design that was a little different but delivered raw aesthetics and real personality with minimal elegance; and the floating images are a key aspect of that - they provide a 3D effect, that when coupled with scrolling at a different speed to the rest of the site, further enhances the user's experience.

We approached A Glass Half with a rough outline of what we wanted for our website. They took our ideas and ran with them
and produced something extraordinary. We've have nothing but good feedback from clients on our website and it really shows
off our brand in the right way.

Tom Norris / Co-Founder

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