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Moonlite are a turn-key solution supplier in the Events Industry and provide a one point of contact for all event needs. Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, they've been industry leaders for over 30 years, with clients such as John Lewis and the Cyprus Wine Festival.


Moonlite asked us if we'd like to design them a new website. Their previous site has remained unchanged since 2014, and it was full of dated design and glitches. They wanted something that brought their brand into the 21st century; sleek, clean, friendly and modern, while retaining their blue, white and grey colour palette.

We knew from the outset that we wanted to do something different that would make the experience unique for their customers, so we designed a multi-page website that made use of their fantastic photography. The key was to ensure the first thing their audience saw was minimal and eye-catching. By using a custom vertical navigation bar, away from initial eye contact, we were able to ensure their audience was immediately hit with a direct visual representation of what Moonlite do.

By maintaining consistency with the imagery, we designed the rest of the site to feel open and welcoming, with straight to the point module headings and clean copy.

I went to A Glass Half and said “This is my old website, make a new one but better.” And they did exactly that. They take all the pain away from the design and development of a website and create a very sleek, functional and user friendly site. They are talented, passionate and incredibly dedicated.

Ian Bonner / Moonlite

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