The Underdog

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Always bet on the underdog

The Underdog was a concept idea by Now Boarding's Steve Kelly. The concept was a vintage American sports bar that was themed around sports comics such as Roy of the Rovers and Babe Ruth Sports.


We're lovers of retro design, and we knew exactly what to do. Sitting down with our Illustrator, we came up with a concept idea of a British Bulldog holding a ball in it's mouth - British as the look is much more dopey, which would lend itself well to the 'Underdog' name.

Having come up with one style for the dog, we then played with different accessories, finally settling on an American Football theme. This dog formed the key aspect of the brand - it would be used for everything from signage to merchandise. It would need to sit correctly on different mediums, so we developed the dog further into colour and line-art versions.

With the mascot finalised, we began to work on typography - selecting unassuming script type that wouldn't detract from the dog, while feeling familiar to the American sports audience. Coupled with a retro palette of brown, red and black, the logo was instantly recognisable as sports bar branding.

Once again A Glass Half have knocked it out of the park! I love the look and feel, the color palette, the background ‘wallpaper’ and the implementation across different media.

Steve Kelly / The Underdog

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