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The Neuromantic Movement Begins Now

William Control are an electronic band from Seattle. Fronted by William Francis of Aiden, they’ve had recent international acclaim with their most recent EP “The Pale” hitting Number 1 in the Billboard Dance/Electronic Album chart and Number 13 in the Alternative Album chart.

They’ve been part of our family since 2012, so when William got in touch and asked us to redesign their website, we were more than happy to collaborate.

Responsive and Versatile

Knowing the William Control brand and fan base well, we were able to create a design that brought the band into the 21st Century, with a sleek, easy to use website that is visually stunning and compliments the band’s style of music.

There was a heavy emphasis on the mobile user throughout this entire project. Allowing fans to check up on the band while on the go was an important factor, so we adapted our designs to ensure no primary features were lost when downscaling from desktop to mobile.

From the outset, we knew this website had to be very versatile, allowing the band to make changes while on the road. It had to be updatable without any fuss, so we used the Wordpress CMS to create a backend of the website that made any changes simple and quick.

Tim Bullock and A Glass Half exceeds my expectations every time I work with them. They delivered a high functioning and well maintained website that I am absolutely pleased with. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

William Francis / William Control

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