The Difference Between a Logo and a Brand

Do you have a brand?


Many businesses and entrepreneurs don’t know the difference. The usual response is “aren’t they the same thing?”


Unfortunately not, but how do you know if you have a logo or a brand? We’ve made it extremely simple for you to find out.

Logos are instantly recognisable. They’re used to represent the brand, usually they include some bespoke element, for example an icon or trademark. The logo is what you remember, so if I said FedEx or Apple, you’d instantly think of their respective logos.


A brand is how the business identifies itself, and the experience your customer has. Each interaction with its customers, whether through social media or marketing defines its brand. The message a business portrays is carefully considered; communication must speak and be relatable to their target market – get it wrong and it could be the end of your business.


Brands are a concept though – they’re malleable and able to change with markets and the times. This is no more apparent than with Apple. In 1984, their brand communication focused on the homeowner, the average joe who could finally have a computer in their home. Now, however, their brand no longer conveys a specific market. There are no limitations set by Apple as to who can own their products, but are beginning to tailor specific products to specific users, as is the case with the Apple Watch, with Sport and Edition versions.


Neither a logo or brand is an easy task – they required lots of research from your target market to effectively launch either, and putting your logo on everything doesn’t constitute a brand per-se; while it does help greatly, your message is what really ties everything together.


Hopefully by now you’ll know if you have a brand or not, but if you don’t, we’re more than happy to take a look through our Consultancy Services. We’ll run a complete audit and come back to you with the results.

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