3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a WordPress Theme

Simply put, don't use a theme.


When looking at a web project, a lot of decisions need to be made, including; static or dynamic? If dynamic, then which CMS should we use? And should we go to an agency for a bespoke website, or just edit a pre-built theme?

Don’t get me wrong, using a pre-built theme has some advantages! It’s usually a one-time fixed fee of under £100, and they’re easy to get looking fairly good. However using an ‘off the shelf’ theme will rarely give you the same outcome as a bespoke website.


Here’s our top 3 reasons why you should always go bespoke:



Be Unique

If you want a good theme, then you’re probably going to go to a reputable site and find a high rated and great looking theme, it’s common sense. However one of the most downloaded themes on Envato’s Themeforest has amassed about 250,000 downloads! Now how would you like to finish building your awesome new website, and reward yourself by comparing your website to some of your competitor’s websites, only to find that they use the same theme as you?! Rule one of standing out on the internet is of course, be unique.



Fit your brand

Your website should be created to speak on behalf of your brand, but if you use a theme that wasn’t built with your brand in mind then you’ll often have to make compromises.
Those compromises may seem small, but for a site that you’re likely to have for over a year, it can be extremely detrimental. You’ll find a theme that you like and start trying to fit your brand to the pre-build options on the theme. It’s a very counterproductive way of working; and ultimately will damage your brand.

Your website should be built around your brand, not the other way around.




Themes are built to attract as many potential buyers as possible. It’s very common for one theme to have 10 or 15 possibilities; the most popular being “Agency”, “Corporate” and “Creative”. If a theme has 5 key styles, then it’s likely to have options for one-page, multi-page and full-width.

This quickly increases the size of the site, since most won’t know which files are redundant. On average, 25% of your audience will close your site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. At 8 seconds, this is over 30%.


That’s a lot of potentially lost customers!

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