Beyond Recall
Art direction and execution for their new single 'Wonder'

Beyond Recall first struck a chord with fans through their fusion of rap and pop-punk inspired rock.

After Edith Bowman named them one of Virgin Radio’s Freshest Bands of 2017, Beyond Recall started their own Anti-Bullying Campaign and in 6 months they performed, spoke and listened to over 10,000 students across Britain.

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We were asked by the guys in Beyond Recall to create artwork for their single ‘Wonder’. It had to be artistic, different and something that would make their fans go “wow”.

We sketched multiple ideas that were pitched to the band, and the idea of the single title floating amidst two contrasting inks was chosen collaboratively between ourselves and the band. Initially, we had planned to create this artwork digitally, but the idea of shooting something natural that could never be recreated again was something we were drawn to. It was also a way for us to use new and exciting technologies.

The word “Wonder” was 3D printed out of a hard plastic in their brand font, and the inks were specifically chosen for their ability to morph in water without diluting immediately.

Over the course of one day, we shot many combinations of ink colours whilst suspending the word in a tank full of water (as shown in the behind the scenes images). After each series (around 5 shots), the tank was emptied, refilled and the process started again.

What came out of the day was a stunning blue and white single artwork that captured exactly what the band wanted, without it feeling forced and cliché.

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Working alongside A Glass Half is effortless! I cannot express how they bring out the best in your ideas, and never hold back when it comes pushing the creative barrier. The perfect example was our album art for Wonder. We pitched an idea of block letters and colour explosions. Next thing we know, A Glass Half had a tank, crew and our vision coming to life. A great bunch of guys. Would always recommend!

Zaid Elgahmi. Beyond Recall Lead Singer

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