Jurassic Fields
Redefining the brand identity for a growing music festival on the Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Fields is one of the hottest music festivals in Dorset, celebrating local and national acts every year, with previous headliners including The Dub Pistols, Laid Blak and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. 

They asked us to help redefine the brand; establishing a new direction for the future. The challenge was to build an over-arching brand that could grow with the festival, whilst retaining the local connection to its home on the Jurassic Coast.

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Through consultations with their team, we established Jurassic Field’s new vision for the future, bringing them away from their juvenile past and into 2019. It was decided that the new brand should be slick, adult and professional, but not neglect its roots – playful and local. 

The word “Jurassic” evokes the child in all of us; dinosaurs and a different world. But we knew that in order to step away from their child-orientated past, we had to dive deeper into what “Jurassic” conjures up in our imagination, and with the festival being placed on the Jurassic Coast, we didn’t have to look too far. Geography and nature hit us in the face, so we started developing visuals that used prehistoric plants coupled with their established and playful logo – ensuring the directions were always paying homage to their past whilst focusing on the future.

With the identity set, we began looking at how we could further enhance the Jurassic feel whilst maintaining a slick feel. A simple, clean colour palette and subtle distressed textures were developed to compliment the core identity. From this, we were able to effectively produce the materials they required for the 2019 event.

The outcome is a complete redefined, reinvigorated brand across print and digital mediums that propels Jurassic Fields into the future, growing with them as they succeed. 


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With our past firmly nestled in the music industry, it’s always exciting to collaborate with a festival to help them grow for the future. With our experience in festival culture in hand, we’re proud that we were able to create the new Jurassic Fields brand that is already providing measurable results for them.

Tim Bullock. A Glass Half Creative Director

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