Kings of Somerset
An exciting new brand for a world champion shoe repairer

Kings of Somerset are an award-winning shoe repair company, headed up by shoe repair World Champion, Alistair King. 

We’ve been part of their story since their conception in early 2015, so when they got back in touch and asked us to reinvent their brand, we couldn’t say no!

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Shoe repair is a traditional skill, one that many may never think about using. Our aim was to brand Kings of Somerset in a way that reflected on their youthful nature whilst paying homage to the skill and history that surrounds their trade.

Bringing out their personality was central to this project, so we created a custom, traditional typeface for their logo. Their youthfulness came with the brand tone. We opted to subtly use ‘Olde English’ along with Victorian style illustrations to create a message and visual identity that didn’t take itself too seriously, enhancing the customer’s experience.

Our intention with the new Kings of Somerset brand was to produce a laid-back, fun environment for both the company and their customers. Upon launching their new brand in February 2018, Kings of Somerset saw a massive positive reaction on social media and from their customers alike.

They’ve experienced an influx in growth of over 60% in new customers, drawn to them thanks to the new brand, allowing Kings of Somerset to firmly plant their feet in the ground as one of the UK’s best shoe repair companies (pun intended).

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A Glass Half are a company that don’t simply produce a logo, they bring to life a brand. First and foremost, A Glass Half seek to understand a company, from this personal starting point their dedication to delivering a high end service shines through at every stage.

Al King. Managing Director

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