The Godney Gathering
Developing experiences for the UK's best one day festival

UB40, Feeder, Scouting For Girls, The Hoosiers and The Darkness. These are just some bands that have headlined The Godney Gathering in the past 8 years.

Widely regarded as the UK’s best single day festival, The Godney Gathering draws in 4999 people to their field, and we’ve been lucky enough to manage their brand since 2014. They’re truly one of the family.

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Since creating the brand you see today back in 2014, we’ve been adding to it every year, enhancing the visual impact of the festival whilst maintaining brand continuity. 

Our work with Godney has us designing all manner of things; posters, stages, wristbands, t-shirts. You name it, if it’s Godney, we’ve done it!

We don’t just design for them, either! We also generate experiences for the day itself. This year we introduced a giant deck chair and selfie frames – both of which were extremely popular and increased social media engagement by over 50%.

For the 4th year in a row, The Godney Gathering sold out in record time. A streamlined, cleaner and easy to use website, which saw an increase in unique visitors of 35.6% compared to 2017, allowed visitors to purchase tickets quicker and easier. The flexibility of the website allowed us to update it with key dates whenever required, ensuring Godney fans were always aware of Godney’s progress.

A Glass Half and Godney go together so well that we’ve already been engaged to work on the 2019 event!

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Since we’ve started working with A Glass Half, The Godney Gathering has seen a massive increase in its brand recognition, firmly planting the festival as internationally known. We’re looking forward to welcoming them back for 2019.

Mike Daniells. The Godney Gathering Director

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