Kings of Somerset

Kings of Somerset engage A Glass Half to develop a brand new eCommerce experience.

A Glass Half Kings of Somerset

Kings of Somerset are part of the woodwork here at A Glass Half. From their conception in 2015, we have been their sole design studio, most recently with their Victorian website & brand message.

They got in touch with us recently and pitched us an idea for an eCommerce experience that would set themselves apart from the competition. Immediately we began a feasibility report on their brief, and we were able to produce a solution that they were over the moon with. This solution blends practical and digital techniques into an experience Kings of Somerset can be proud of.

“Whenever I have a new concept or idea and put into the very capable hands of A Glass Half I know it’s destined to come to life. If my concept is too farfetched or over complicated the team go out of their way to provide me with what I need within the boundaries of my budget or platform” explained Managing Director Alistair King. “I’m excited to see my new ideas take flight and having had detailed consultations with A Glass Half they’re already in motion. Getting skin onto the bones of a new idea is where Tim and his team come into their own, and this new concept is no exception. It’s great working with team who get as excited about a new idea as you do.”

The new project is currently underway with an expected release in March 2019.

A Glass Half Kings of Somerset

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